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7th Recycling Art Exhibition

Marta Marce, Mireya Maso (Catalonia) ja Urmo Raus (Estonia)

March 29 - June 2, 2019

The series of exhibitions have become an annual tradition, this year the theme is ME AND THE WORLD
The theme is in accordance with the very actual climate change,

The special guest is Kristiina Tikke Tuura from Finland who has dedicated her artwork to sorting of garbage and making art from it. Kristiina Tikke Tuura’s „Giants Lantern“ is inspired from the lanterns and lamps of Syria. The artwork is a reverence to the masterful traditional handicraft of the destroyed country, inspired of the spirit of folktales. Under the guidance of the artist herself, you are welcome to her workshop in Pärnu.
Together with the artists there are also students from the Estonian Art Academy and Pallas Art College with their novel ideas.
The theme ME AND THE WORLD has come up to the artists so that the materials of their artworks are surprising. An architect has grabbed old woollen socks for his material, a painter – wooden doors saved from fire, metal artist – the palettes of colours, textile artist – fishing nets from the sea. The exhibition gives a lot to discover and inspiration, for every object flying towards the garbage bin can be recycled.

Participating artists:
Kristiina Tikke Tuura (Finland), Aet Ollisaar, Ain Toim, Aleksandr Osvald August von Turro-Lebardov, Alge Sard, Anastasia Rikk, Anna Sui, Anne-Ly Veit, Anneli Kivirand, Annika Mätlik, Ants Link, Dorel Sabre, Eiliki Pukk, Elize Hiiop, Kalamaja Mosaiigistuudio (Elle Kannike ja Mariliis Alev), Erika Pedak, Heli Tuksam, Imre Nõmm, Ivi-Els Schneider, Jaan Pärn, Kadri ja Urve Kass, Kalli Kalde, Kersti Vaks, Kristiina Pärk, Liisi Tani, Ludmilla Swarczewskaja, Polina Lyasheva, Maarja Mäemets, Rait Lõhmus, Maila Käos, Mari Seger, Mari-Triin Kirs, Marta Moorats, Funkpunk (Peeter Unt ja Sille Talvet-Unt), Piret Meos, Piret Ellamaa, Priit Kõiv, Riine Latserus, Tiia Mets, Tiiu Kirsipuu, Tiiu Leis, Ulli Puidak, Viivi Aavik, jt.

The exhibition for the whole family GIVE A NEW LIFE has become a traditional art event in Pärnu. One of the aims of the exhibition is to change the way of thinking, evaluating recycling and seeing preciousness in the things thrown away, if not for yourself then for others. Sometimes you get a useful thing from something old or thrown away. A problem for our environment are also leftovers from production of which artists, through fresh glance, can design something new.
Information on the workshops from April, 8, 2019, www.mona.ee
According to the wishes of the artists there are three boxes at the exhibition into which you are welcome to bring:
1. old T-shirts,
2. cd, VHS and vinyl records
3. jeans material.

Our partner is OÜ Paikre, giving information about recycling, sorting of garbage and circulation of waste, how objects can be used differently.

The exhibiton is endorsed by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Town Council of Pärnu and the Embassy of Finland.
Curator Marie Virta

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