About the collection of the Museum of New Art

In 1996, the cornerstone was laid for the collection of the Museum of New Art. Puerto Rican graphic artist Martin Garcia Rivera made the first donation. He donated all his large-scale woodcuts "Lati-dos" to the museum after performing at the nude exhibition MAN and WOMAN. The first gift had a symbolic meaning, giving direction to all subsequent collecting activities that value the core values of indigenous art from generation to generation. And not only that. Innovative form searches, developments of already collected topics by more and more new creators have also been the basis for supplementing the collections. For example, after acquiring the photo production "Holy Communion" from the Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson in 1998 with the support of the Cultural Endowment, we bought Peeter Laurits's large-scale vision of Christ's last supper with his disciples in the middle of modern commercial props. The exhibition of these two works, together with Peeter Mudist's latest major painting, The Doctrine of the Faith (2002), creates a separate narrative from our time. The museum's collection began to grow strongly in 1998 when we were visited by the well-known British poet, photographer, and art historian Edward Lucie-Smith, who soon became the chief expert of our art collection. Thanks to his international authority and on several occasions the curation of the exhibition MAN and WOMAN, the UKM collection has been supplemented with many works by star artists such as Michael Kvium from Denmark, Pablo Picasso, Jean Rustin and Corneille from France, Yoko Ono, Mark Sadan, Jonathan Webb, Judy Chicago, Joel Peter Witkin and Kalev Mark Kostabi from the USA, Elina Brotherus and Viggo Wallensköld from Finland, Ivan Pinkava and art group Kamera Skura from the Czech Republic, Ruslan Vashkevich from Belarus, Michalis Manoussakis from Greece, Aurel Vlad from Romania, Tara Sosrowardoyo from Malaysia, Jose Mario Ansalone from Argentina and others.

Selection of works

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Anu Raud (Estonia) wool, braid, 2003. Anu Raud: Your pattern, your land, your bird, your flight. New light, beginning of spring.

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Foreign artists whose works can be found in the UKM collection

Martin Garcia Rivera - Puerto Rico Jean Rustin - France Pablo Picasso - France Corneille - France Cristophe Urbejte - France William Farges - France Annick and Pierre Debien - France
Odd Nerdrum - Norway
Rafal Olbinski - Poland Christoph Manuel Müller - Germany Aurel Vlad - Romania Edward Lucie-Smith - England Lee Wagstaff - England Tommy Mason - Scotland Daniel de Chenu - Ireland Michalis Manoussakis - Greece Elisabeth Ohlson - Sweden Annika Forstorp - Sweden
Kerstin Abram - Nilsson - Sweden Anna-Maria Lorenzen - Chile / Sweden Fateme Gosheh - Iran / Sweden Christer Hamp Sweden Jan Saudek - Czech Republic Sarah Saudek - Czech Republic Ivan Pinkava - Czech republic Camera Skura - Czech Republic
Irene Domingues - Chile Joel Peter Witkin - USA Kalev Mark Kostabi - USA Mark Sadan - USA Yoko Ono - USA Judy Chicago - USA Jonathan Webb - USA Genia Chef - USA Jiivanii RedMarks - Jamaica Elina Brotherus - Finland Viggo Wallensköld - Finland Tuomas Korkalo - Finland Hannu Riikonen - Finland Mika Vesalahti - Finland
Christoffer Relander - Finland Michael Kvium - Denmark Benny Rytter - Denmark Alexander Mikhailchuk - Ukraine Marina Škarupa - Ukraine Igor Prokofiev - Ukraine Ruslan Vashkevich - Belarus Valentina Lyakhovich - Belarus Vladimir Tsesler - Belarus Valeri Slauk - Belarus Andrei Stukin - Belarus Anna Silivonchik - Belarus Alexander Ivanov - Republic of Mari Tara Sosrowardoyo - Malaysia Jose Mario Ansalone - Argentina Alessandra Barbierato - Brazil / Italy Helgi Thordils Fridjönnsson - Iceland Ans Markus - Netherlands Peter Diem - Netherlands Nico Koster - Netherlands Lieve Ulburghs - Belgium Cesar Izqureido - Guatemala Romuldas Poþerskis - Lithuania Gunars Binde - Latvia

We add pictures from our collection on an ongoing basis.

Estonian artists represented in the UKM collection

Jüri Arrak
Peeter Mudist
Kaljo Põllu
Enn Põldroos
Evald Okas
Ado Lill
Urmo Raus
Erik Haamer
Olga Terri
Jaan Elken
Uno Roosvalt
Mari Roosvalt
Leonhard Lapin
Raul Meel
Jüri Kask
Peeter Allik
Efraim Allsalu
Ilmar Malin
Eduard Wiiralt
Erich Pehap
Lauri Lihten-Haavel
Laur Tiidemann
Hille Palm
Ellen Kolk
Hannes Starkopf
Lembit Tolli
Vive Tolli
Kirke Kangro
Elo Liiv
Ilme Kuld
Riho Kuld
Nora Raba
Anu Raud
Aet Ollisaarv Epp Kärvet
Peeter Laurits
Andrus Joonas
Ly Lestberg
Bruno Sõmeri
Peeter Somelar
Avo Paistik
Leena Kuutma
Harry Jürgens
Evi Tihemets
Herald Eelma
Jaan Toomik
Kaupo Kikkas
Terje Talts
Mats Õun
Juss Piho
Aivar Kurvits
Tõnu Maarand
Lembit Palm
Aime Kuulbusch
Lauri Sutt
Sirje Runge

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