Annika Kiidron, kollektsioon GIVE ME MY FAIRYTALE

IX International Recycling Exhibition GIVE NEW LIFE

This autumn the Museum of New Art welcomes the visitors with the ninth exhibition on recycling GIVE A NEW LIFE

The aim is to let the fantasy fly freely and recycle it into art. What is old and worthless for someone, is the gold for another.

Through this exhibition we want to change the way of thinking to environmentally friendly. Waste from production is a heavy load for environment but with designers and artists fresh glance can create fresh design.

So, the list of recycled materials is huge: broken mirrors, ostrich eggs, vinyl records, silk stockings, driftwood, old works of art, embroydery of cross-stitch, car parts, old paper, package material, bowling balls etc.

As a special theme, Marta Moorats introduces mending technique for textile – visible mending.

Participants on the exhibition:

Aet Ollisaar, Annika Kiidron, Annick and Pierre Debien (France), Ain Roost, Annika Mätlik, Aureelia Mitt, Ave Kruusma, Belliisi Seenemaa, Birgit Peerna, Eiliki Pukk, Marta Moorats, Elize Hiiop, Elle Kannike, Jaan Pärn, Jüri Seljamaa, Karola Kaugema, Kerli Otsa, Leekpea, Liis Tisler, Liisi Tani, Liivi Leppik, Maarja Noorväli, Maila Käos, Mark Soosaar, Marge Kimmel, Kaspar Kimmel, Kertu Siplane, Margus Tiitsmaa, Mari Seger, Mariliis Jääger, Marja Matiisen, Martin Kroot, Merle Nisuma, Richard Denny (Australia /England), Rene Haljasmäe, Riine Latserus, Taavi Teevet, Tarmo Tulgiste, Teet Suur, Tiiu Leis, Tiiu Kirsipuu, Triin Tasuja, Triinu Soikmets, Tõnis Luik, Ulvi Oro, Ursula Sõber, Viivi Aavik, Viive Väljaots, jt.

Activities to help avoid/lessen industrial waste are becoming more and more important for society. One of the ways to produce less waste material would be through new ideas. As climate change is so actual we have to think more about diminishing our footprint. Give a New Life is one one of the chances to get inspiration and value old things and less consuming.
Curator of the exhibition Marie Virta

The exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Ministry of Culture and the Town Government of Pärnu.

Karola Kaugema , PIECES. photo: Kertu Rannula
Liisi Tani

Annika Kiidron

Fragment from the collection GIVE ME MY FAIRYTALE

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