“Time to be born, time to die,” says King Solomon on Peeter Mudist’s painting “King on a Stone”.

Mortals are born only once, immortals again and again every year. So the Son of God Jesus Christ. As the child of God he is born about the time of winter solctice and leaves at the arrival of each new spring.

On the altar of HOLY TRINITY Nadežda Tšernobai captures the life of Christ. Elisabeth Ohlson’s “The Last Supper” hints that Jesus loves everyone who loves him. This time, the Christ is sitting together with transvestites.

Peeter Laurits’s “The Last Supper” reminds of all the congregations where the Son of God is called in American slang as „Jerusalem Jim“!

Artworks acquired and consigned at the Museum of New Art help to answer the question what is sacred for mankind and what isn’t.

Thoughtful Easter 2023 years after the birth of Christ and 1990 years after his resurrection!

Mark Soosaar,


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