pusa & robin nõgisto

Robin Nõgisto and Pusa COLORS DON’T LIE

February 4rd – March 27th, 2022

The human being is childish twice. After birth and before passing away. Why do we loose sight of child and honest words? Do we want to become what we really are not?

The magic world by master painters Pusa (Piret Bergmann, born 1979) and Robin (Robin Nõgisto, born 1992) is a gift for art lovers, to celebrate joyfully the 104th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Nearby the Independence Square where our state was proclaimed in February 23rd, 1918. As a very special remainder for upcoming generations to keep alive the child-like sincerity.

Let’s keep in our minds Friedrich Nietzsche’s call on Zarathustra’s lips – everyone has a child in his soul, let’s awake it and play with him!

Looking at the fest of colors by Robin and Pusa, I remember words from a popular song: „Years pass, winds turn, the circus will stay…“

Long life to you, my dear Estonia!

Mark Soosaar,

the curator of MoNA


The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment, The Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Pärnu.


PUSA (Piret Bergmann (Torim)) was born in 1979 at Noarootsi. She has graduated from the Parnu College of the Art Academy of Estonia which is known as Academia Non Grata. Pusa is mainly a painter having shown her work in many solo and group exhibitions in Estonia as well as abroad. Most of all she is known for her paintings of bright patterns and psychedelic impact which has placed her on quite a unique position in the picture of Estonian art.

Pusa creates her world mainly in painting but also in sculpture and installation. The artist has written and illustrated various books for children. Pusa lives and works in Pärnu. She has been awarded with the Award of The Doer of the Year in Culture of Pärnumaa in 2008 and 2015 and the Annual Art Reward of Pärnui in 2011. Pusa is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association.

The main theme in the artworks of Pusa is the circle of life in nature as well as in the world of colours.

Robin Nõgisto was born in Tallinn in 1992. He graduated from the Art Academy of Estonia in 2017 as bachelor of fine arts in painting. Next to painting he makes films and music, he has shown his art on various group exhibitions and on four solo exhibitions, he has made monumental wall paintings for the ARS Art City of Tallinn, for the Art Academy of Vilnius (2019) and for the building at Kohtla-Järve, Maleva str. 25 within the RUA Festival in 2021. His artworks have been exhibited at the annual show of the Estonian Artists’ Association in 2014-2015 at Kunstihoone in Tallinn. Robin Nõgisto was one of the nominees for the Akzonobel Art Reward in 2018 and 2021. Every new painting by Robin Nõgisto is a story of the world surrounding the artist in the very moment.


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