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Sirje Eelma BOTTOBAAPA vol 3 +

Oct. 21- Nov. 20, 2022

Opening on October, 20 at 4 p.m.


Sirje Eelma

And the guests: Rait Prääts – Glass Object

Terje Ojaver – Stones

Joanna Prääts & Mihkel Mikk – video


Five years ago, my daughter was in Karelia with an extreme travelling group and she sent a message to me: “Today we’ll go to Bottobaapa.“ What place is that!?

It turned out that BOTTOBAAPA whilw read in Latin script is a strange word. But read in Russian script it is a Finnish place name VOTTOVAARA. The Mountain of Votto.

A sacred mountn of ancient Saami gods. Big stones, like sanded from below, leaning on small stones and standing on impossible slope. I’ve never been there and not go there but the photos have made a grat impression on me.

The present day areas of the Saamis are much more to the north and I have been there for several times. The harsh nature near Inari – tundras, stone rivers, poor plantation, the special air and people. A place where values just get set into the right order.

But this exhibition appears to have eveything like ‘not quite right’. Beginning with the name. And that the Karelian home of the Saami gods is now in Russia. And how can huge stones stay on a wall? Who has sanded the stones and set them on smaller ones? How can a stone mountain leave? And on top of all, a false perspective where the line of pictures focuses careless of space corner…

The first presentation of the exhibition was in Tallinn at Vabaduse Gallery in 2019 and the second at the Cultural Center of Türi in 2020.

Sirje Eelma

+ in the name of this exhibition refers to new artworks which got ready in the meantime. “Reuse“ 1,2,3. t was a strange frozen time like a long polar night. There was time to think and clean my drawers. Printing my graphical sheets I had accidently got a lot of unfinished or failed prints. I teared them into pieces of the same size and gradually found a new life for them. Here I show three big compositions.


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