Mark Soosaar’s films
“Black angel with white wings”
“Real Life and Surreal Art in the Republic of Belarus.”

The first film in this file, “Black Angel with White Wings,” is a portrait of the Belarusian artist Mikhail Savitsky. Savitski fought in the trenches of World War II in Crimea and was one of the few who survived the massacre. He became a convinced pacifist. Being deeply religious himself, after the Chernobyl tragedy, he created the painting series “Black Angel with White Wings,” which visitors to the Pärnu Museum of New Art were able to view in 2006.
The second film, “Real Life and Surreal Art in Belarus,” is the second documentary in this file. We will get to know all the artists whose works were on display in the autumn of 2020 at the exhibition “Good Morning, Belarus.” Both films were shot in Minsk in 2006.

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