Puuhobuste näitus


There is hardly anyone who remembers how the first wooden horse arrived in the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Maybe Anatoli Ljutjuk made it by himself from wooden trunks. Anyway, the second and the third horse came pretty soon. After that the friends of the Cultural Center had made up their minds​ that something new is going on here and people started to bring wooden horses until there was a big herd of horses.​ Sometime later, a crazy traveler, in the best sense of the word,​ happened to pop in and so he gave the whole (or at least the bigger part) of his collection to the Center.

What to do with all these wooden horses? Actually, the wooden horses turned out to be the very thing the Center needed when its integration project was launched – especially the part of the project about making wooden toys. But most of the wooden horses stayed in the boxes or gathered dust on the shelves. Everything changed when one day, a conjurer of wooden horse arrived. He decided to tame the whole herd and establish order in the wooden chaos.

The wooden horses on the exhibition at the Museum of New Art make just a small part of the collection of the Ukrainian Cultural Center.

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