Watercolor exhibition SUMMER FUSION

August 5 – September 5, 2021.

Exhibition of watercolors

The variety of watercolors produce a specific fusion in summertime Pärnu. What could be a better alloy than watercolor and the Summer Capital? Get-togethers in summer are often spontaneous and creative of momentary interconnections. So does the watercolor, which can be light and quick. But it may develop into something polyvalent and long-term. 

The 20 artists pariticipating on Summer Fusion, the exhibition of the Estonian Watercolour Society, are: Tiina Tammetalu, Annika Tonts, Marje Üksine,
Eleny Kasemets, Naima Neidre, Rein Mägar, Pille Laub, Mari Roosvalt,
Anneliis Vabul, Kerstin Rei, Kärt Karjatse, Erki Kannus, Elize Hiiop,
Eve Ermann, Tiiu Pallo-Vaik, Tuulikki Tolli, Liisi Tani, Marju
Bormeister, Illimar Paul and Kairi Orgusaar. 

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