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X Recycling art exhibition GIVE A NEW LIFE

The 10th  recycling art exhibition GIVE A NEW LIFE this year has got the subtitle SPARK.

A spark initiates everything – whether a little idea, flow of thought, something totally unknown and new.

Artists or designers were asked to participate on this exhibition as well as the students.

So we have over 40 participants.

The artworks have to be created from recycling materials or from industrial waste.

So, once again the artists have surprised us with their choice of material, like glass from spectacles, an old bed, all kinds of textile waste, parts of lamps, pieces of thread, switches, a washing machine, broken ceramics, etc.

Participants on the exhibition:

Viivi Aavik, Helve Alla, Dina Aller / Paul Berg, Elize Hiiop, Tiiu Jalakas, Ülle Järve,Brigita Kasemets , Eva Karmen Kasemets , Kertu Kasemets, Otto Conrad Kippasto, Tiiu Kirsipuu, Hedy Kohv, Marta Konovalov, Ave Kruusmaa, Karmen Kärg-Randma, Kaarel Kütas, Priit Kõiv, Riine Latserus, Tiiu Leis, Janne Lias, Epp Margna, Johanna Mauer, Aureelia Mitt, Hedda Peet, Helen Piir, Tiiu Randmann – Mihkla, Kaia Rähn, Marianne Seiman, Eve Selisaar, Kerttu Siplane, Tuule Soosaar, Teet Suur, Ursula Sõber, Maddi Kaī (Mari Seger), Marget Tafel – Vahtra, Katariina Tallermo, Erik Teemägi, Linda Teemägi, Liis Tisler, Lume Tuum, Triin Türnpuu, Piret Uibotalu, Santa Zukker.

Together with the exhibition there will be workshops where new recycling techniques are introduced.

Information about the workshops will appear from November, 7th on the homepage of the Museum of New Art:

Curator of the exhibition: Marie Virta

Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Town Council of Pärnu, The Ministry of Culture.

Triin Türnpuu
Hedy Kohv

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