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XXIX International Nude Art Exhibition MAN & WOMAN: DREAM

June, 9. – August, 28, 2022
We live in the world where nightmares have become reality. And this kind of surrealism cannot be escaped by just opening our eyes. Or still? If we ask for help from fine arts? Maybe they can generate imaginary bridges into the next world where every flower, butterfly, bird and human being has the right to be born, live and die under the soothing sun?
The Museum of New Art is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the exhibition which believes in the victory of love over evil. Let our XXIX nude art show be the support and guide for those who have lost belief into the victory of beauty over ugliness and who are ready to go crazy together with the big world.
Participating artists:
Odd Nerdrum (Norway)
Rafal Olbinski (Poland-USA),
Marina Škarupa (Ukraine)
Šarūnas Sauka (Lithuania)
Mykolas Sauka (Lithuania)
Ruta Jusionyte (Lithuania)
Francisco Sepulveda (Chile)
Christoffer Relander (Finland)
Anatoli Varvarov (Ukraine)
And from Estonia
Jüri Arrak, Jaak Arro, Merike Estna, Erki Kannus, Eve Kruuse, Leonhard Lapin,
Johanna Mudist, Lemming Nagel, Alina Orav, Jaan Paavle, Pusa, Berit
Talpsepp-Jaanisoo, Anton Vill.
The exhibition is supported by
Estonian Cultural Endowment, Minister of Culture, Town Government of Pärnu, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Poland, Postimees Grupp.
The Museum of New Art
Rüütli 40a, Pärnu
Open daily  from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M.
phone: +3724430772

Odd Nerdrum (Norway)
LOVE DIVIDED, lithograph, 2008

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