M. Üksine.Septembrilõpu vihm_72x100cm

Annual Exhibition of Estonian Watercolour Society HARMONIES

Opening on February 11 at 2 p.m.
Participating artists on the exhibition are the members od Estonian Watercolour Society and soma artists invited from outside.
The aim of the artists is to find harmonies and capture them in watercolours.
Is the search for harmony a natural instinct of a human? Is it possible to see, search and find harmony in everything, everyone? How is harmony born or does it exist already?
At this moment there is a lot of disharmony in the world, making us doubt in the capacity of a human being to live in harmony with oneself, with the other living creatures as well as the surrounding environment. Not to highlight all the negative, the purpose of the exhibition is to find the ways to be able to be in harmony. To give sense to oneself what is harmony. Sometimes harmony for one might be disharmony for another?

Superficial Life,
aquarelle, 2023

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