King David’s son Solomon thought:

Time to collect and to lose, time to keep and to throw away.

As a little girl, Anu Raud collected bird nests in the woods of Heimtali. No, she didn’t bring them home. Anu just kept watch for no one to take eggs from her collection of the birds’ world.

Becoming a great artist, she has collected patterned mittens and gloves. To keep their messages for generations to continue. His life work – beautiful blankets are collected by museums, city halls, churches, schools, private homes. And not just to please one’s eyes. But for the messages in patterns to live longer than us.

A great part of Anu Raud’s art collection consists of paintings and graphics as gifts to her, to her father Mart Raud and mother Valda Raud. This rare collection represents a lot of important Estonian artists who lived in the last century.

If King Solomon Kohelet himself

would appear at the exhibition, he would surely say,

Time to love and time to hate, tome for war and time for peace!

Mark Soosaar

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Estonian National Museum, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Museum of Heimtali, Kihnu Museum and private collections.

Supporters: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Town of Pärnu and Ministery of Culture of Estonia.

Leila Pärtelpoeg, The interior of the Kääriku farm, watercolor, paper.

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