Curator’s Exhibition of the Estonian Association of Architects STREET I

Exhibition STREET I of the Estonian Association of Architects which celebrated the hundredth birthday in October, is open from March, 9th. The curators are architects Raul Kalvo and Tõnis Savi or 2/3 of Liikuvusagentuur. The exhibition expands on assumingly clear but actually unbelievably tricky notion of street space. Videos give floor to more than 20 experts . The exhibition will be open until March, 27th.

The President of EAA Andro Mänd is convinced that speaking about street space on the annual exhibition of the hundred-year-old EAA is an important sign of the times. “Street space is a hot subject today in the whole world as well as in Estonia. I believe that architects would have a chance to participate much more in creation of street space if the notion of architecture was interpreted much more wider,“ says Mänd.

Curator, architect and expert of city space traffic Tõnis Savi is also sure that architects should speak up in creation of street space. “Even then, if we just leave creation of buildings at the street front for the architects, the interaction with the street will be very important. For example, the business space on the ground floor – we’d see symbiosis between street space and inside space of a building as a perfect solution. It is also exciting to watch forward-looking architects creating cityscapes for admiration and consuming while looking “out“ of the street,“ says Savi.

Curator, architect, urban planner Raul Kalvo explains that we cannot expect the word “street” to have only one meaning for everyone. “The street is a place where there’s tension and where different interests meet – interest to drive through and interest to stay. The street gets its essence from its location, cultural, social and business functions and its inhabitants. On this exhibition, we dumb down the main pillars of truth. We dig out the details of the street and who take part in its creation; also, which factors retard successful developments and which ones support them. Still, we are only able to get a scratch of the essence of this ambiguous kind of space,” Kalvo explains.

More than 20 experts are given floor on the exhibition. There are stories of unseen underground world, border pipes, fairy tales, parking policies and everything between these themes. Next to videos you are welcome to see solo exhibition by Tõnu Tunnel “Tunnel Vision [Liivalaia]”.

The annual exhibition of EAA is open at the Museum of New Art from March, 9th to 27th every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Additional information

Andro Mänd, President of the Estonian Association of Architects mand.andro@gmail.com

Tõnis Savi, curator for “Street I”


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