Jüri Arrak "SIRUTUS"


The show of brand new paintings by Jüri Arrak at the Museum of New Art.

From December 10, 2021 to January 23, 2022, daily from 11AM to 6 PM.

The art history of Estonia reveals just a handful of creators who have designed an idiosyncratic type of a hero. The first ones who come to mind are Kristjan Raud and Kalev Mark Kostabi.  And Jüri Arrak, of course. If you order a portrait from Jüri, you’d bet on the flames instead of your hair. In the world art history, Arrak has reached almost the same flight level of Max Ernst, who has some of his heroes wildlife growing out of their heads.

Having celebrated his 85th birthday, Jüry Arrak in his full creative force and his artworks of corona time show his fantasy as fresh as ever. At his 103rd personal exhibition The Touch of Jüri, some of his artwork betray that the artist is flying on the height of the legendary Spaniard Salvador Dali. Has Arrak really grown from a symbolist to a syrrealist?
The answer is: never!

Arrak is Arrak and there is no other Arrak on Earth.

Believe me, his touch is holy and pure.

Mark Soosaar,

the curator of MoNA

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