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MONA – you are safe here

We have joined the list of companies of YOU ARE SAFE HERE and we affirm that we have done everything on our part to protect visitors from possible infection. Please, keep your distance at 2+2 and wear a mask!


  • MONA regards the demands for health and safety consequent of COVID-19 with responsibility and guarantees that nobody comes to work having caught cold, cough or other characteristics of desease.
  • MONA informs its employees about the threat of infection and reminds the personnel consistently about the importance of disinfection and cleanness.
  • The service provider informs the visitor of the regulations of COVID-19.
  • Inside the museum the personnel and the visitors can keep the distance from each other.
  • The means for disinfection are placed so that they are visible to everyone and there are more disinfection stations than it is expected by the minimal requirements.
  • The employees watch the visitors and when they spot a person with signs of desease, he/she is asked to go home. After that, all the surfaces the person with desease symptoms has touched will be disinfected.
  • Baristas do not sell alcohol to persons with clear signs of being drunk and drunk persons are asked to go home.
  • Rooms are aired constantly: windows are kept open if possible and if they are not meant to be opened, the rooms are aired through open doors. In the process, the outside and inside temperatures are paid attention to.
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