Anatoli Varvarov (Ukraina) PÄRLIPÜÜDJA , õli, lõuend, 2014


Dear Creator, we request You not to destroy Your own creation – the human being.

Please, punish those who sow evil with death and have mercy to those who love people and cherish the life on the Earth.

Dear art lover! Come and join our prayer which contains artwork of Ukrainian, Estonian, Iranian, Mari, Scottish, American artists from the collection of the Museum of New Art. Among the others, the ones from the artistic path of lately deceased Estonian artist Leonhard Lapin.

You can also enjoy the doc Moments with Ukraine 2014 by Mark Soosaar on our website and catch wind of the sunflower nation.

On Saturday March 5th , the whole income from our ticket sales will be delivered to the Ukrainian Culture Center.

Marina Škarupa (Ukraine) FORGIVE! oil, canvas
Leonhard Lapin (Estonia) SUPREALISM, 1994
Leonhard Lapin (Estonia) O1, 1995

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