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Recycling exhibition GIVE A NEW LIFE

The Museum of New Art is organising the exhibition GIVE A NEW LIFE for the eleventh time already. This year the subtitle is MESS. To rip up something from a piece of textile or a spool of thread to create something new and exciting.

Anyone of us might be messed up sometimes like messed up yarn but how to find that something to solve and save us from the mess?

The subtitle of this exhibition allows every participant to interpret the theme freely.

So, biotrash has been transformed into aquarel paintings, old wheel a tapestry, textile pieces woven into bags, ash and dust into paintings, an old sugar bag a sculpture. The fantasy of the artists knows no boundaries.

Participants: Aneli Toht, Anna Sui, Anneli Säre, Aet Ollisaar, Ants Kippasto, Auli Uiboupin, Aureelia Mitt, Ave Kruusmaa, Belliisi Seenemaa, Eiliki Pukk, Epp Margna, Erik Teemägi, Eva Karmen Kasemets, Eve Selisaar, Helve Alla, Hedda Peet, Johanna Mauer , Kaia Rähn, Kalli Sein, Karin Evart, Karmen Kärg-Randma, Kerttu Siplane, Liis Tisler, Liisa Kanemägi, Liisi Tani, Liisu Saar and Alice Kupri, Liivi Lepik, Maarja Noorväli, Margit Toomlaid, Margit Toomlaid, Mari-Liis Makus, Marin Nooni, Marja Matiisen, Malle Käos, Mare Liigand, Merle Nisuma and Kaido Torn, New Rustic, Pille Pattak, Piret Männa, Piret Uibotalu, Priit Kõiv, Richard Denny, Signe Taremaa, Sigrid Huik, Teet Suur, Tiiu Randmann-Mihkla, Tiiu Leis, Tuuliki Peil-New Life Studio, Valev Sein, Viivi Aavik, Ülle Andre, Ülle Erm.

Curator: Marie Virta

In parallel with the exhibition there will be workshops to introduce various exciting recycling techniques. From December, 11th 2023 information about the workshops will be on the homepage of the Museum of New Art: www.mona.ee

One of the targets of the exhibition Give a New Life is changing the thinking of people more nature friendly through evaluation of recycling and seeing the value of discarded things, if not for oneself, then for someone else. Industrial waste is a great problem for environment, the designers and artists can, with a fresh glance, create new objects of value.


November, 26 , 2023 – March, 31, 2024

at the Museum of New Art, Rüütli 40a, Pärnu.

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, The Town Government of Pärnu, The Ministry of Culture


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