The annual exhibition of the Association of Estonian Printmakers, STOP! GRAPHICS!

3rd-26th of June 2022

Stop! Graphics!” is set to revive the tradition of graphic art reviews.

In addition to members of the association, the exhibition includes works from other graphically inclined artists.

The graphic art exhibited by Estonian-based artists tells its static, two-dimensional story. The choice of subject is free, meaning it includes everything that drives the graphic artists to create, inspires and touches them.

Creators of different ages, various techniques and concepts balancing each other in silent dialogue. When juxtaposed, these messages mesh into new narratives, mutating into new ideologies. Opposing approaches from different schools near each other, taking something over from one another.

The current rising tide of graphics is exciting, and the state of graphic art is by its nature constantly changing, just like in chess. And the game is in a stalemate because the exhibition only accepts silent, immobile, two-dimensional works. The game is won neither by the Black or the White, but rather the third and fourth imaginary dimensions that can be formed in the viewer’s head.

Modern times are characterised by a reduced ability to focus. It is difficult to stop in the constant rush, to delve into a silent static image and find reflections of one’s own emotions within it. We are surrounded by so many brightly coloured, moving and flashing noisy objects which surrender information with minimal effort. The nature of that information and how long it will linger in the delusions of our mind or offer intellectual enjoyment is a different matter altogether.

Stop! Graphics! challenges the viewer to stop and view the unique play of lines and surfaces, to delve into the two-dimensional, often only two-coloured, and sometimes ambiguous narrative, and thus delve into themselves

Artists: Jüri Arrak, Charlotte Biszewski, Sirje Eelma, Eve Eesmaa, Ines Erlemann, Pille Ernesaks, Evelyn Grzinich, Inga Heamägi, Eero Ijavoinen, Külliki Järvila, Kertu-Liina Karjus, Kalli Kalde, Katrin Kaev, Margot Kask, Jüri Kass, Kaija Kesa, Liisa Kruusmägi, Toomas Kuusing, Mari-Liis Laanemaa, Tõnis Laanemaa, Ly Lestberg, Ove Maidla, Ella-Mai Matsina, Aarne Mesikäpp, Katariin Mudist, Viive Noor, Enno Ootsing, Tauno Ostra, Illimar Paul, Marilyn Piirsalu, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Lembe Ruben, Reti Saks, Regina-Mareta Soonsein, Mirja-Mari Smidt, Katri Smitt, Jaan Škerin, Helen Tago, Evi Tihemets, Kadri Toom, Tarmo Tulgiste, Maria Kristiina Ulas, Ragne Uutsalu, Silver Vahtre, Märt Vaidla, Kelli Valk, Külliki Varvas, Marje Üksine

Text and organisation by Lembe Ruben, Association of Estonian Printmakers

The exhibition is organised with support from: Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Pärnu City Government

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