Marilyn Piirsalu "MimiKri", detail

MIMIKRI. Annual exhibition of the Estonian Association of Textile Artists

MIMICRY. Annual exhibition and the laureates of textile awards of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association at the Museum of New Art

Opening on December, 4 at 4 p.m.

Exhibition is open from Dec. 5, 2021 to Jan.30, 2022

Mimicry as the type of adaptation, parroting or imitation is a quality which helps to survive. The widest interpretations of the art of survival are offered on the exhibition of the Estonian Textile Artists Association at the Museum of New Art.

MIMICRY shows artworks that interpret the theme of the exhibition and bind with textile as means of expression through conseption, material or techniques.

Participating artists have either changed in their artworks beyond recognition or remained their good old selves, addressing the visitor on actual subjects in the language of textile. Familiar places and people vary with somersaults of thought and the openings of deep pouches of soul chop and change with hide and seek.

The main character of the exhibition is nature, present in almost every piece. Textile enables to create visual and conceptual copies of patterns and spitting images, as well as colour combinations and forms which are remarkable and yet unobserved, successfully using both, two- and three-dimensional forms. Relating with the theme, modern technologies as well as traditional skills get their chance. The artworks to this exhibition could be presented by both, member artists of the Association as well creators from outside and textile art students. The choice was made by the jury – Krista Leesi, Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins and Madis Liplap.

Artists participating on MIMICRY: Frank Abner, Reena Curphey, Ainikki Eiskop, Ehalill Halliste, Sigrid Huik, Mariann Kallas, Heli Kelt, Annika Kiidron-Roomets, Krista Leesi, Maasike Maasik, Lylian Meister, Ester Must, Merike Männi, Ilme-Anu Neemre, Merle Nisuma, Marin Nooni, Aet Ollisaar, Ingrid Helena Pajo, Erika Pedak, Katrin Pere, Liis Pihlik, Marilyn Piirsalu, Liilia Pilden, Ülle Raadik, Anu Raud, Merike Roodla, Ilme Rätsep, Ülle Saatmäe, Mari Seger, Eve Selisaar, Merle Suurkask, Ljudmila Swarczewskaja, Aune Taamal, Erika Tammpere, Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins, Liisa Torsus

The annual exhibition presents the laureates of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association’s awards. The Textile Artist of the Year 2020 is Ülle Saatmäe for sustainable themes close to nature and for convincing application. The Young Textile Artist of the Year of 2020 is Karl-Artur Korsar for consistent and labour-intensive result in developing the brand on his own name. The Textile Deed of the Year 2020 was given to Marju Raabe for information and evaluation of the field of textile. Textile awards have been given since 1996.

Designer of the exhibition Madis Liplap

Graphic design by Kadi Pajupuu

Curator Aet Ollisaar, organizer the Board of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association

The exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Town Government of Pärnu.

Additional information:

Aet Ollisaar

The director of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association

50 67281

NB! According to the restrictions by the Government of the Republic of Estonia the entrance to the exhibition is guaranteed by Vaccination Proof of COVID-19 or proof of siege of COVID-19, not older than 6 months, and wearing a mask.

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