Ühepuulootsik. foto Sandra Urvak


The wetland Soomaa National Park is the only place in Estonia and in the whole Europe where dugout canoes are crafted still. The tradition and skills to create a boat from one log was nearly interrupted when old masters passed away. Fortunately, the young local man Aivar Ruukel decided to awake the craft of ancestors. In 25 years of hard work, Aivar and his friends dug dozens of canoes and finally, the tradition was highly recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of intangible heritage of mankind.

With that decision, UNESCO evaluated the practice of many other indigenous peoples who still craft dugout canoes for their everyday use. Such primary boats are dug out by Khanty men in Siberia, by Quileute Indians in North-West Pacific of USA, by many different tribes of Indians on the Amazon River Basin.

How one-log-canoes were born and which rituals are connected to the craft, You are welcome to enjoy watching documentaries THE DUGOUT and GRANDMA OF BOATS by Mark Soosaar.

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